Slava Frolov

Slava Frolov is CEO at Web Design Experts, LLC. Located on the Island of Oahu, in Waikiki area of beautiful Honolulu. Slava has been living in Hawaii for over 10 years.

Slava Frolov

Where is Slava Frolov from?

Slava was born and raised in Russia. Finished university at the age of 16 and moved from Russia straight to Hawaii.

Where does Slava Frolov work?

Slava founded Web Design Experts because he recognized the need for the user-centric, search-engine-friendly websites that could be built upon his love for data analyses of user behavior and digital marketing.

Slava’s true passion is digital marketing. He loves being able to keep up with breaking trends, new metrics, and industry changes. All these skills are critical to developing successful digital marketing campaigns, which is what he does best.

Plus, Mr. Frolov enjoys the process of fine-tuning websites and tracking metrics to meet customer needs. It’s both challenging and rewarding work that never really gets old because every customer and use case scenario presents new challenges.

Slava Frolov in Honolulu (2007)

What do Slava Frolov’s clients say?

An emotionally intelligent, hands-on leader with a passion for helping small business owners to build their new brands and websites. Brands big and small benefited from Slava’s experience and expertise.

Slava Frolov is an innovative marketing executive with exceptional skills in traditional, digital, and global marketing communication strategies. Through both transformational and collaborative leadership styles, built a strong marketing and operational teams. 

What Slava Frolov is doing in his free time?

Most likely, Slava is hiking somewhere in the mountains or just exploring and enjoying nature.

Slava Frolov at Olomana (Kailua)
Slava Frolov at Olomana First Peak Summit (2019)